After The Storm
"E não importo os obstáculos,não importa o quanto você tente,nunca se verá longe de mim.Eu te amo." Castle - 3x05 - Anatomy of a Murder.

You think I’m gonna miss your closing night?

Button Missing

- Harvey (x)

“On Felicity’s new love interest,
everyone’s favorite techie will have her hands full this season with Routh’s arrival as a new partner in Queen Consolidated, who will come between Oliver and Felicity in unexpected ways. “The verbal banter between him and Felicity this season is a new thing we’re bringing to the show that I think audiences will really like,” Kreisberg hints. “He’ll be invading Oliver’s life in every aspect, whether it’s his business, his personal life and possibly down the road in his nighttime activities”



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"…Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences.”




"My fellow artists and students of life, thank you for letting me be here tonight"



Emma is not having your shit Graham


Donna: "Just tell me you gonna make him pay"

Harvey: "Oh, he’ll pay"

"I am so sick of watching you fight like hell for everything that happens in here and nothing that happens in here"


"We have breakfast a Nougatine and an excursion to Hermes that may or may not involve a new handbag."

" You’ve been needing a new handbag."